ContainerDays NYC 2016

The community container and dynamic infrastructure (un)conference returns to NYC for a second edition: November 3-4, 2016.

Learn, share, experiment

Looking to learn how to go from Container 101 to doing this 'for real'? What the technical story is behind containers? What it's like to run Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, etc. in production? Where the experts see this technology going..?

Mark your calendars: November 3-4, 2016

What is ContainerDays NYC?

ContainerDays NYC is a community (un)conference to encourage discussion and learning on the subject of containers and dynamic infrastructure generally. The programme is a mix of talks, workshops and OpenSpaces sessions by users, contributors and extenders from all corners of the space.

Whether you're an expert or new to the space, there'll be plenty for you to learn and discuss. It's an (un)conference, so you get to pick many of the topics!

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Microsoft New York, New York, NY

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From real-world implementation lessons to hands-on getting started workshops, we're trying to ensure there's something here for everyone - whether you're a container expert or are only just getting started, or can make both Thursday and Friday or attend only one of the days.

What is an unconference?

If you've never been to an unconference or OpenSpaces event before, don't worry - it's a really easy format to get into. You may want to read this for some background.


We're looking forward to thought-provoking talks and discussions, but at some point you'll also want to get your hands dirty. That's why the second half of Friday is all about workshops, where you can team up and spend some keyboard time trying out interesting ideas and technologies.

We'd like to apply the unconference idea to the workshops, too. There'll certainly be some guided, step-by-step sessions if you're looking to get started. But we're also encouraging you to team up with a couple of other participants, get hold of one of the speakers, sponsors or other experts running around, and try out some of the tools and concepts that come up in discussion.

Please note that the programme is provisional and subject to change.

Thursday, November 3rd

Time Description Comment
09:00-09:30am Breakfast & registration Welcome to ContainerDays NYC 2016
09:30-10:00am Welcome, introduction, OpenSpaces explanation
10:00-10:05am Sponsor shout-out
10:05-10:50am From Hello World to Real World: Building a Production Container Environment for 2017 slides video Nathan Valentine & Shannon Williams, Rancher Labs
10:50-10:55am Sponsor shout-out
10:55-11:25am OpenSpaces kick-off Quick intro to OpenSpaces and pitches for topics
11:30-12:15pm Growing Up With Docker: How Docker and Tsuru Have Evolved slides video Francisco Souza, The New York Times
11:30-12:15pm Securing Your Docker Image Registry for Production slides more info video Jason Heiss, Two Sigma Investments
12:15-01:00pm Lunch & exhibitor time Also time to think about OpenSpaces & workshop topic suggestions!
01:00-01:45pm The Twelve-Factor Container: Designing Containers for Repeatability, Reliability and Portability slides video Casey West, Pivotal
01:00-01:45pm OpenWhisk: A Serverless Computing Platform slides video Rodric Rabbah & Philippe Suter, IBM Research
01:50-02:25pm OpenSpaces session
02:30-03:05pm OpenSpaces session
03:05-03:20pm Coffee break & exhibitor time Also time to think about OpenSpaces & workshop topic suggestions!
03:20-04:05pm Thinking Inside the Box: Can Containers Solve the Package Problem? slides Joe Brockmeier, Red Hat
03:20-04:05pm Why You Really Want Unikernels, Not Containers slides video Idit Levine, EMC
04:10-04:25pm Day 1 notes & comments
04:25-05:00pm OpenSpaces session
05:00pm Day 1 close
evening Thursday night drinks At Tír na Nóg on W 39th St

Friday, November 4th

Time Description Comment
09:00-09:30am Breakfast
09:30-09:35am Day 2 kick-off
09:35-09:40am Sponsor shout-out
09:40-10:25am Containers in Azure: Understanding the Microsoft Container Ecosystem slides video Rob Bagby, Microsoft
09:40-10:25am Building A Data Pipeline on Google Container Engine at Arbor slides video Joshua Kwan, Arbor
10:25-10:40am Workshop kick-off Quick intro to "unworkshops" and pitches for topics
10:45-11:30am Monitoring Kubernetes in Production with Prometheus slides video Tobias Schmidt, SoundCloud
10:45-11:30am Architecting Modern Applications on AWS: VMs, Containers, Microservices, Lambda and More slides video Mackenzie Kosut & Tara Walker, Amazon Web Services
11:35-12:20pm The Secure Introduction Problem: Getting Secrets Into Containers slides video Jeff Mitchell, HashiCorp
11:35-12:20pm State of the Persistence Art: Present Best Practices and Future Goals for Container Storage in Production slides Vinod Jayaraman, Portworx
12:20-01:00pm Lunch & exhibitor time Last chance to think about workshop topic suggestions!
01:00-01:05pm Day 2 notes & comments
01:05-01:40pm OpenSpaces session
01:45-02:45pm Workshops Hands-on rkt: Running Containers with rkt on Kubernetes and More slides
Introduction to Application Automation with Habitat slides
Building Serverless Microservices on AWS slides
Any other tool/framework of your choice!
02:45-03:00pm Coffee break & exhibitor time
03:00-04:00pm Workshops ctd. Observability and Manageability in a Container Environment slides
From Dev to Prod With Docker Swarm Orchestration & the Docker Stack more info
Always Be Deploying: Building a Continuous Integration and Deployment Pipeline For and With Containers more info
Any other tool/framework of your choice!
04:00-05:00pm Workshops ctd. From Dev to Prod With Docker Swarm Orchestration & the Docker Stack more info
Always Be Deploying: Building a Continuous Integration and Deployment Pipeline For and With Containers more info
Any other tool/framework of your choice!
05:00pm Close


Rob Bagby

Rob is a Senior Cloud Architect for Microsoft.

Shawn Bower

Shawn is a Docker Captain and Cloud Architect at Cornell University.

Joe Brockmeier

Joe is a RHEL and container evangelist at Red Hat and a long-time participant in open source projects.

Julian Dunn

Julian is a product manager at Chef Software and works primarily on Habitat.

Tim Gross

Tim is a Product Manager at Joyent where he develops ContainerPilot and application blueprints for the Autopilot Pattern.

Jason Heiss

Jason is an engineer at Two Sigma Investments working on Docker, Kubernetes, and other container-related projects.

Brad Ison

Brad is a site reliability engineer at CoreOS, helping teams deploy their web applications with Kubernetes and Quay.

Vinod Jayaraman

Vinod is co-founder and chief architect at Portworx.

Mackenzie Kosut

Mackenzie is the Principal Startup Evangelist at Amazon Web Services.

Joshua Kwan

Joshua is a Senior Software Engineer at Arbor Technologies, passionate about helping engineers get more done with less effort.

Idit Levine

Idit is the CTO for EMC's cloud management division and a member of the global CTO office.

Jeff Mitchell

Jeff is the project lead on HashiCorp's Vault and has hacked on dozens of open-source projects.

Rodric Rabbah

Rodric is an IBM Researcher and leading contributor to OpenWhisk.

Tobias Schmidt

Tobias is a production engineer at SoundCloud and an active contributor to the Prometheus and Kubernetes ecosystems.

Francisco Souza

Francisco is a Docker Captain and software engineer at The New York Times.

Philippe Suter

Philippe is a Research Staff Member at IBM T.J. Watson, working on OpenWhisk.

Nathan Valentine

Nathan is a Principal Automation Engineer for Rancher Labs.

Tara Walker

Tara is a technical evangelist for Amazon Web Services.

Casey West

Casey wears the mantle of Principal Technologist focused on Pivotal's Cloud Foundry Platform.

Jesse White

Jesse is Principal at Contino, helping the world's biggest brands deliver better software.

Shannon Williams

Shannon heads up marketing and field efforts at Rancher Labs.


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Very special thanks to Lookout, arvato, Contino and x.ai for giving the organizers time to put this event together.

A big thank you goes to Microsoft New York for hosting this event.

New York is one of the world's great cities, and at Microsoft NY, we're making it one of the most innovative. From fostering new ideas and 21st century jobs to providing tech tools to prepare for and quickly respond to crises, Microsoft NY is connecting the city and its people like never before.


ContainerDays NYC is a genuine community event, organized by a group of committed volunteers. Check out our code of conduct, and meet the people who are putting in a lot of spare time to make the event happen:

Anastas Dancha

Andrew Phillips

Patrick Ruhkopf

Priya Sawant

Jesse White

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You can also follow @DynInfraDays on Twitter for updates or of course reach us via email. ContainerDays NYC 2016 is a DynamicInfraDays event