DynamicInfraDays is here!

The community container and dynamic infrastructure (un)conference

What is DynamicInfraDays?

DynamicInfraDays is a series of community (un)conferences to encourage discussion and learning on the subject of containers and dynamic infrastructure generally. The programme is a mix of OpenSpaces sessions and talks from users, contributors and extenders from all corners of the space.

The format and values of DynamicInfraDays are inspired by the tremendous achievements of devopsdays:

  • Community-led, organized by experts and enthusiasts
  • One or two-day events: a mix of talks, OpenSpaces sessions and workshops
  • As affordable as possible: fees to cover costs only
  • Great coffee and as good a Wifi connection as we can arrange ;-)



I want to help and learn more!

If you're interested in volunteering or attending, would like to sponsor or have a venue that you could make available, are looking to put together an event in your local community, or would like us to add your event to the site, we'd love to hear from you!

Stay in touch

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