ContainerDays Boston 2016

Sponsorship tiers

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring ContainerDays Boston 2016! We have a number of sponsorship opportunities available. All tiers include placement of your logo on the ContainerDays Boston 2016 event site.

Participant details

We expect about 140 attendees, the majority in a technical role with interest in introducing and/or active experience in implementing container and related technologies. Please be aware that DynamicInfraDays events are informal, "unconference" style events for technical practitioners.

Staffing suggestions

You will get the most mileage from your vendor table by sending technical staff prepared to engage in the conference sessions.

With the exception of Platinum and Gold tiers, which come with short "shout-out" opportunities to present your company, sponsorships do not include speaking slots. Your attending staff is welcome and encouraged to propose topics for, and participate in, the OpenSpaces sessions and workshops.


Sponsor tables are 6' x 2'; we estimate that each sponsor with a table will have roughly 6' x 4' of space overall. Power strips will be run to the tables. Wireless internet is provided, but wired internet access will not be available.

There are no facilities for complex booth setups, shipping and receiving of large or bulky items, or other major industry conference-style arrangements. Please plan for a way to collect contact information from interested attendees, as there is no automated lead capture system.

All posters and banners need to be free-standing; we are not allowed to affix any materials to the walls or windows.


Please arrange to bring any items, such as popup banners and promotional material, on the day of the event. Microsoft NERD may be able to receive and store small items for maximum one or two days before the event. Please check with us first if you need to ship directly to the venue.

Please plan to remove everything you bring at the end of the event. Items may not be left behind afterwards. Fedex and UPS both have drop boxes and offices close to the venue.


There is a parking garage connected to the venue. Rates are $30 for the day. There are also a number of parking lots and garages close by that may have slightly cheaper rates.


Unfortunately, graduation season in Boston means that accommodation in the summer gets expensive quickly, and we recommend that you look at accommodation soon if you're coming from out of town. Due to the numbers involved, we currently don't have any block rates with hotels.


You will be invoiced for your sponsorship. Please provide your company name, physical address, contact information, and the sponsorship tier in which you are interested.


Please contact us at 2016-boston-sponsorship () dynamicinfradays ! org for payment details and any other questions you may have.

ContainerDays Boston 2016 is a DynamicInfraDays event