ContainerDays Boston 2015

The community container and dynamic infrastructure (un)conference comes to the East Coast for the first time: Boston on June 5-6, 2015.

Learn, share, experiment

Looking to learn how to go from Container 101 to doing this 'for real'? What the technical story is behind containers? What it's like to run Docker, Mesos, etc. in production? Where the experts see this technology going..?

Mark your calendars: June 5-6, 2015

What is ContainerDays Boston?

ContainerDays Boston is a community (un)conference to encourage discussion and learning on the subject of containers and dynamic infrastructure generally. The programme is a mix of OpenSpaces sessions and talks from users, contributors and extenders from all corners of the space.

Whether you're an expert or new to the space, there'll be plenty for you to learn and discuss. It's an unconference, so you get to pick the topics!

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Microsoft NERD Center, Cambridge, MA

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What is an unconference?

If you've never been to an unconference or OpenSpaces event before, don't worry - it's a really easy format to get into. You may want to read this for some background.


From real-world implementation lessons to hands-on getting started workshops, we're trying to ensure there's something here for everyone - whether you're a container expert or are only just getting started, or can make both Friday and Saturday or attend only one of the days.


We're looking forward to thought-provoking talks and discussions, but at some point you'll also want to get your hands dirty. That's why the second half of Saturday is all about workshops, where you can team up and spend some keyboard time trying out interesting ideas and technologies.

We'd like to apply the unconference idea to the workshops, too. There'll certainly be some guided, step-by-step sessions if you're looking to get started. But we're also encouraging you to team up with a couple of other participants, get hold of one of the speakers, sponsors or other experts running around, and try out some of the tools and concepts that come up in discussion.

Please note that the programme is provisional and subject to change.

Friday, June 5th

Time Description Comment
09:00-09:30am Registration Welcome to the first ContainerDays Boston
09:30-10:00am Welcome, introduction, Open Spaces explanation
10:00-10:45am A Brief History of Containers slides 1 2 video Jeff Victor & Kir Kolyshkin
10:45-11:00am Coffee break & exhibitor time Also time to make OpenSpaces & workshop topic suggestions!
11:00-11:05am Sponsor shout-out
11:05-11:50am Elastic Load Balancing at Scale with Mesos and Docker slides Stephen Salinas, HubSpot
11:05-11:50am Kubernetes: Container Orchestration at Scale slides video Max Forbes, Google
11:50-12:10pm OpenSpaces "ignite-off" Quick intro to OpenSpaces and pitches for initial topics
12:10-12:55pm OpenSpaces session
12:55-01:45pm Lunch & exhibitor time Also time to make OpenSpaces & workshop topic suggestions!
01:45-01:50pm Sponsor shout-out
01:50-02:35pm Implementing Separation of Concerns with Containers slides videoJérôme Petazzoni, Docker
02:35-03:20pm Containerized Data Persistence on Mesos with Kafka, MySQL, Cassandra, HDFS and More! slides video Joe Stein
02:35-03:20pm Thinking Differently: An Introduction to AWS Lambda slides video Tara Walker, Amazon
03:20-03:35pm Coffee break & exhibitor time Also time to make OpenSpaces & workshop topic suggestions!
03:35-03:40pm Sponsor shout-out
03:40-04:25pm Running Docker, Mesos and More in Production: The Journey to Container Adoption in the Enterprise slides video Igor Moochnick
03:40-04:25pm CoreOS: Building the Layers of the Scalable Cluster for Containers slides video Barak Michener, CoreOS
04:25-05:00pm OpenSpaces session
05:00pm Day 1 close
evening Friday night drinks & snacks

Saturday, June 6th

Time Description Comment
09:00-09:30am Breakfast
09:30-09:45am Day 2 kickoff
09:45-10:30am N Problems of Linux Containers...and Some Solutions slides video Kir Kolyshkin, OpenVZ
10:30-10:45am Coffee break & exhibitor time Also time to make OpenSpaces & workshop topic suggestions!
10:45-11:30am Continuous Delivery with Containers slides video Nick Gauthier, Codeship
11:30-12:10pm OpenSpaces session
12:10-12:55pm Lunch & exhibitor time
12:55-02:45pm Workshops Deploy Your First Container to CoreOS, Cloud Foundry, Azure and AWS
Creating Multi-container Apps with Docker Compose and Panamax slides
Any other tool/framework of your choice!
02:45-03:00pm Coffee break & exhibitor time
03:00-04:50pm Workshops ctd. Deploy Your First Container to CoreOS, Cloud Foundry, Azure and AWS
Continuous Delivery & Management of Your Multi-container Apps with DockerHub and Tutum slides
Any other tool/framework of your choice!
04:50-05:00pm Thanks & closing discussion
05:00pm Close


More exciting speakers to be announced soon...sign up or follow @DynInfraDays for details.

Max Forbes

Max is a member of the Kubernetes team at Google.

Nick Gauthier

Nick is an engineer at Codeship working on their container-based Continuous Integration and Delivery platform.

Kir Kolyshkin

Kir leads the OpenVZ Linux containers project, which (amongst other things) is the biggest contributor to LXC.

Barak Michener

Barak is a distributed systems developer for CoreOS, working in Go on etcd.

Igor Moochnick

Igor learned many lessons on the journey to container adoption in the enterprise.

Jérôme Petazzoni

Jérôme is Docker Tinkerer Extraordinaire at Docker.

Stephen Salinas

Stephen is an Infrastructure engineer at HubSpot and contributor to Singularity, a scheduler for Mesos.

Joe Stein

Joe assists organizations with their Kafka, Mesos, Hadoop, Cassandra, Accumulo, Storm, Spark, etc. Big Data systems.

Jeff Victor

Jeff was a key promulgator and influencer of Solaris Zones and has more than a decade of experience with OS virtualization and containers.

Tara Walker

Tara is an AWS Technical Evangelist for Amazon.


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Very special thanks to FinMason, StackEngine and XebiaLabs for giving the organizers time to put this event together.

A big thank you also goes to Microsoft New England for hosting this event.

Microsoft New England (MSNE) is a major center for technical innovation and research. Located in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts, the MSNE campus includes two buildings - One Memorial Drive and the recently renovated One Cambridge Center. At the core of MSNE is the Microsoft New England Research & Development Center (NERD). NERD is a world-renowned research and software development center, and is home to teams working on critical products and services like Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SQL. NERD also serves as a center of gravity for the local tech community, having hosted more than 1,000 events and welcomed more than 100,000 visitors since opening in 2008.

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