ContainerDays NYC 2015

The community container and dynamic infrastructure (un)conference comes to the Big Apple for Halloween: NYC on October 29-30, 2015.

Learn, share, experiment

Looking to learn how to go from Container 101 to doing this 'for real'? What the technical story is behind containers? What it's like to run Docker, Mesos, etc. in production? Where the experts see this technology going..?

Mark your calendars: October 29-30, 2015

What is ContainerDays NYC?

ContainerDays NYC is a community (un)conference to encourage discussion and learning on the subject of containers and dynamic infrastructure generally. The programme is a mix of OpenSpaces sessions and talks from users, contributors and extenders from all corners of the space.

Whether you're an expert or new to the space, there'll be plenty for you to learn and discuss. It's an unconference, so you get to pick the topics!

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Microsoft New York, New York, NY

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What is an unconference?

If you've never been to an unconference or OpenSpaces event before, don't worry - it's a really easy format to get into. You may want to read this for some background.


From real-world implementation lessons to hands-on getting started workshops, we're trying to ensure there's something here for everyone - whether you're a container expert or are only just getting started, or can make both Thursday and Friday or attend only one of the days.


We're looking forward to thought-provoking talks and discussions, but at some point you'll also want to get your hands dirty. That's why the second half of Friday is all about workshops, where you can team up and spend some keyboard time trying out interesting ideas and technologies.

We'd like to apply the unconference idea to the workshops, too. There'll certainly be some guided, step-by-step sessions if you're looking to get started. But we're also encouraging you to team up with a couple of other participants, get hold of one of the speakers, sponsors or other experts running around, and try out some of the tools and concepts that come up in discussion.

Please note that the programme is provisional and subject to change.

Thursday, October 29th

Time Description Comment
09:00-09:30am Breakfast & registration Welcome to the first ContainerDays NYC
09:30-10:00am Welcome, introduction, OpenSpaces explanation
10:00-10:45am Docker Enables DevOps slides video Boyd Hemphill, StackEngine
10:45-10:50am Sponsor shout-out
10:55-11:40am Container Orchestration Compared: Kubernetes and Docker Compose, Machine & Swarm slides video Darren Shepherd, Rancher Labs
10:55-11:40am The Storage Elephant in the Container Room: What You Need to Know About Containers & Persistance slides video Ryan Wallner, ClusterHQ
11:45-12:30pm Container-Native Architecture slides video Tim Gross, Joyent
11:45-12:30pm Thinking Differently: An Introduction to AWS Lambda slides video Tara Walker, Amazon Web Services
12:30-01:10pm Lunch & exhibitor time Also time to think about OpenSpaces & workshop topic suggestions!
01:10-01:15pm Sponsor shout-out
01:15-01:35pm OpenSpaces "ignite-off" Quick intro to OpenSpaces and pitches for topics
01:35-02:20pm OpenSpaces session
02:20-03:05pm Containers, Microsoft and DevOps: What is Microsoft Doing About All This Anyway? slides video Gil Isaacs, Microsoft
02:20-03:05pm Identifying Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures in Containers slides video Joey Schorr & Quentin Machu, CoreOS
03:05-03:20pm Coffee break & exhibitor time Also time to think about OpenSpaces & workshop topic suggestions!
03:20-04:05pm OpenSpaces session
04:05-04:50pm OpenSpaces session
04:50-05:00pm Day 1 wrap-up
05:00pm Day 1 close
06:00-08:00pm Thursday night party At the AWS Pop-up Loft New York in SoHo

Friday, October 30th

Time Description Comment
09:00-09:30am Breakfast
09:30-09:45am Day 2 kickoff
09:45-10:30am CRIU: Time and Space Travel for Linux Containers slides video Kir Kolyshkin, OpenVZ
09:45-10:30am Continuous Delivery with Containers slides video Nick Gauthier, Codeship
10:35-11:20am Easing Your Way Into Docker: Lessons From a Journey to Production slides video Patrick Mizer & Steve Woodruff, SpareFoot
10:35-11:20am What It Really Takes to Build a Container Platform slides video Matt Butcher, EngineYard
11:25-12:10pm How Yodle Cleaned Up the Mess Using Containers and Microservices slides video John Downs, Yodle
11:25-12:10pm Patterns for Securing Containerized Applications slides video Eric Windisch, Docker
12:10-12:50pm Lunch & exhibitor time Last chance to think about workshop topic suggestions!
12:50-12:55pm Sponsor shout-out
12:55-01:05pm Workshop "ignite-off" Quick intro to "unworkshops" and pitches for topics
01:05-02:50pm Workshops Docker 101 - Get Developing
Containers: Beyond the Basics
Any other tool/framework of your choice!
02:50-03:05pm Coffee break & exhibitor time
03:05-04:50pm Workshops ctd. Manage Containers Efficiently With Docker Compose, Machine & Swarm
Containers: Beyond the Basics
Any other tool/framework of your choice!
04:50-05:00pm Thanks & closing discussion
05:00pm Close


Matt Butcher

Matt is a core contributor to the Deis platform at Engine Yard.

John Downs

John Downs is a Software Engineer at Yodle and an advocate for Continuous Delivery.

Nick Gauthier

Nick is an engineer at Codeship working on their container-based Continuous Integration and Delivery platform.

Tim Gross

Tim is a product manager for Joyent, providers of the Triton Elastic Container Service.

Boyd Hemphill

Boyd is StackEngine's Director of Evangelism and espouses DevOps practices as they relate to Linux containers.

Gil Isaacs

Gil is a Microsoft Certified Professional and a specialist in architecting Microsoft Azure solutions.

Kir Kolyshkin

Kir leads the OpenVZ Linux containers project, which (amongst other things) is the biggest contributor to LXC.

Quentin Machu

Quentin is an engineer on the team.

Patrick Mizer

Patrick heads up the engineering team at SpareFoot.

Joey Schorr

Joey is a lead software engineer on the team at CoreOS.

Darren Shepherd

Darren is Chief Architect of Rancher Labs, building the next generation of infrastructure orchestration technology.

Ryan Wallner

Ryan is a Developer Evangelist for ClusterHQ focused on integration and tooling around containers and persistence.

Tara Walker

Tara is a Technical Evangelist for Amazon Web Services.

Eric Windisch

Eric is a Docker project maintainer with 15 years of experience in building hostile production compute environments.

Steve Woodruff

Steve applies his expertise in CI/CD to help developers write, commit, test and deploy code in a safe and rapid fashion.


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Very special thanks to arvato, StackEngine and XebiaLabs for giving the organizers time to put this event together.

A big thank you goes to Microsoft New York for hosting this event.

New York is one of the world's great cities, and at Microsoft NY, we're making it one of the most innovative. From fostering new ideas and 21st century jobs to providing tech tools to prepare for and quickly respond to crises, Microsoft NY is connecting the city and its people like never before.

Thank you also to the AWS Pop-up Loft New York for hosting our Thursday night drinks & snacks.

The AWS Pop-up Loft is open in New York! Located in SoHo, the AWS Loft is a space where anyone can grab a coffee, work on their app, and get in-person answers to their technical AWS questions - at no cost.

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